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Here are Coffey & Co, we understand that accounting service in Limerick can be difficult from both a business and an individual’s perspective. We are the accounting firm for all your needs. We have an approach that will fit any size company and industry sector preference from small businesses to large corporations!

We understand how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur-instructor and a creative professional with deadlines constantly popping up from different sources every day. Still, at least one thing should always remain a top priority: Profits must stay high enough.

Accounting Service Limerick

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Unlimited accountancy support for your business

We’re the professionals you turn to for reliable year-end and monthly accounting services.

Our Coffey Co Accountants will ensure your books are always in perfect financial harmony, no matter what month it is!

Accounting Service Limerick
Accounting Service Limerick

Our simple process makes it easy to switch

There are no tax implications, and you can switch at any time in the year.

Our team will guide you through this process for a smooth transition! Our team will guide you through this process so that everything goes smoothly!

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See who is behind our practice and put a face to the name of your new accounting team. Our team has years of experience and will offer you the best service available to ensure you succeed.

Barry Coffey
Owner and Managing Director
Accountant, Practice Manager
Accounts Adminstrator

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14 Feb 2024
Navigating the European business landscape as an SME owner demands both agility and meticulous financial management. While cloud-based platforms like Xero simplify day-to-day tasks, unlocking true financial clarity and making informed decisions often require the guidance of a trusted expert. This is where Coffey&Co, a certified Xero partner, steps in, offering a strategic partnership that […]
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Remote Teams: Xero Makes Accounting Collaboration a Breeze
07 Feb 2024
Thankfully gone are the days of scrambling for paper receipts and arguing over spreadsheets across conference calls. In the age of remote work, collaboration is key, and that includes tackling your business finances. But fear not, globetrotting entrepreneurs and geographically dispersed teams. Xero, your friendly cloud-based accounting companion, is here to make remote accounting collaboration […]
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Real-time Financial Insights: Navigating the E-commerce Landscape with Precision
01 Feb 2024
In today’s dynamic e-commerce landscape, success hinges on the ability to make informed decisions in real-time. However, traditional accounting methods often fail to provide the immediate insights required to navigate the complexities of the online business world. This is where real-time financial insights come into play, empowering e-commerce businesses to make data-driven decisions that drive […]
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Accounting Service Limerick
Accounting Service Limerick

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