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Partnership Accountant

Accounting for Partnerships

Coffey Co Accountants are here for you if your partnership needs help managing taxes and accountancy. We’ve got everything from tax planning bookkeeping services that can fit any budget or schedule.

We know that each partnership is unique and has different needs, so our dedicated team will work with yours until we find an effective action plan!

What's the best partnership for you?

When two or more people start a business, they must decide how it will be run. There are three main types of partnerships: joint ventures where each partner has equal responsibility and control; limited liability companies (LLC’s), which offer protection from personal debts but not for unpaid obligations such as taxes owed by an organization–these can leave the partners liable if there isn’t enough money left over after expenses have been paid; finally, we’ve got general partnerships where all profits go into one jar shared between active members based upon pre-agreed percentages.

Pros and Cons of Partnerships


  • You are not liable for the debts and obligations of the business.
  • Partnership agreements can be modified to fit your specific needs
  • LLC’s offer more protection than general partnerships
  • Partnerships provide an opportunity to share skills, knowledge, and resources


  • Increased liability
  • Decisions can take a lot of time and effort
  • More likely to disagree with one another on decisions
  • If a partner leaves, they are still liable for any actions taken by the company

We can help partnerships with their accounting, just follow these 3 easy steps.

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